Dec 022014

Win32 : RMMovieConverter-Setup-
Win64: RMMovieConverter-Setup-

You can download it from below link. You will see installer after you unzip it.

 1. Who needs this?

After I purchased Samsung NX1, I took some 4K video with NX1, but I was not very happy about Samsung Movie Converter which came with NX1. My complain was not from the quality after the conversion. Even its long process time, the result was not still I can easily use to work with.

For now, I mostly work for FHD (1080P) in order to upload my video to YouTube. But, still I want to keep 4K movie. So, I wanted to find a way to convert NX1 4K H.265 to 1080P resolution with more popular (H.264 or Prores) codec. My goal is not keeping the result, but more for editing it easily. Once edit it, I will remove the converted files and keep only 4K source.

After some amount of time of research, I found famous ffmpeg and I could convert NX1 4K H.265 to both codec. So, I implemented this GUI application to execute ffmpeg for the batch conversion. It is simple and faster than Samsung Movie Converter.

This software will not change anything other than the video frame size (when if you select one of 1080P resolution) and encoding codec.


2. What this software can do?

  • Can convert multiple source movies.
  • Can set target directory where the converted files will be created.
  • Can encode to H.264, H.265 or ProRes 422 Proxy, LT, SQ and HQ codec.
  • Can resize the 4K source to 1080P or keep the original resolution.
  • Supports one or mutlitple files Drag & Drop. If a folder is dropped, it will be used as “Output Folder”, otherwise all MP4 files will be added in “Source Files” list.

3. How to use it?

Below screen shot shows normal work-flow. It is simple.


Following screen shot  shows the converter invokes ffmpeg and converting 4K files.


If you select H.264 codec, you may or may not need to change “Quality” and/or “Process Speed” options. The default settings are for good video quality and decent file size and fastest options. Smaller number of “Quality” option means better quality, but result file size will bigger.
Faster “Process Speed” option will not affect the result image quality, but its file size will be larger.

If you select ProRes 422 option, “Process Speed” option will be disabled and the value won’t be used. You can select one of Proxy, LT, SQ and HQ profile in “Quality” drop down list.


4. So, How much is it?

It is FREE of charge. You can use it freely. But, you need to use it with your own risk. I will not warrant or support anything.



That’s it.

I hope you enjoy the software and please let me know if you have any question.

Nov 092014
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Oct 032014
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Aug 242014
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Aug 182014
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